Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Demigod - Promo 1994

Another Demigod promo, the version of My Blood Your Blood on this is one of Demigod's best songs ever


Atrocity - Todessehnsucht

One of the greatest ever European death metal albums, this is a real classic that any death metalhead should enjoy


Abhorrence - Discography

Some very fine old school Finnish death metal, a demo and an EP


Monday, February 9, 2009

Morbid Angel - Rehearsal 19-02-87

Another rehearsal in February, 87



Morbid Angel - Rehearsal 30-01-87

Another rehearsal, recorded in January, 87



Morbid Angel - Rehearsal 04-06-86

A rehearsal by Morbid Angel in 86, GET IT.



Morbid Angel - Live 1-23-88

xMosh Kingx here.

A performance near the start of Morbid Angel's (one of the best DM bands, period) long career. Check it, fag.



Death Fuck - Abnormal Rape

xMosh Kingx here.

Death Fuck is Impostor before they changed their name, who later somehow became Mayhem. This demo has some pretty dodgy production so if you're not into that, I don't suggest it. It's not as bad as this though;


Check this out



Venom - Demon

xMosh Kingx here.

If you don't know Venom, you're a retard. If you haven't heard them and would like to, why not try a demo? Presenting some great old thrash by one of the bands who led the way for black metal to emerge.



Death Metal Compiltation (4 Way Split)

xMosh Kingx here.

This is a split between Running Wild, Hellhammer, Dark Avenger and Helloween, two tracks from each. Released probably in the late 80's-early 90's, this compilation is a good starting point for those who want to check out these bands, or who'd like to hear more awesome thrash.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Napalm Death - Scum

xMosh Kingx here.

Time for some grind. Napalm Death don't need any introduction whatsoever, so get this album. Scum is one of their most known albums and their best imo. MHD or I will be putting some more up soon, after we hunt down some more of their stuff.



Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead

xMosh Kingx here.

Yet another demo from an awesomely brutal death metal band. This is some pretty good stuff, if you like the other death metal here, check this out as well.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes

xMosh Kingx here.

To add to the 92 and 93 promos here, here is a full length by Finnish death metal band Demigod. Awesome, as everything on this site; bone crunching, child molesting death metal ready to fuck your skull.



Melektaus - Transcendence Through Ethereal Scourge

xMosh Kingx here.

By far one of the most epically brutal metal releases ever. Melektaus, as already posted by MHD on this site, are the continuation of Dominus Xul, and I personally think they're better, still following the still style but still original. Containing the three tracks from the 02 Promo, TTES kills all with brick sodomy and hacksawing brutality.



Gorhoth - 1994-200 A.B.

xMosh Kingx here.

This is a compilation of unreleased demos and an unreleased album by this amazing band. Combining brutal death with black metal but still keeping them separate, they should appeal to both black and death metal fans. As it is a compilation, here is the list if you want to split it up to make it look like you're gr1mmer than you are:

Tracks 1-8 from unreleased album "Metal Negro De Muerte"
Track 9 from Demo 1996
Track 10-11 from Demo 1998
Tracks 12-13 from Rehearsal 1995
With "Rito de Guerra" Demo as Bonus Track



Dominus Xul - The Primigeni Xul

xMosh Kingx here.

Dominus Xul are one of the best death metal bands ever. If you like Melektaus (they band they turned into), Incantation, Dead Congregation and actually, good music, I HIGHLY suggest this. Fuck it, it's free, who cares?



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dark Millenium - The Apocryphal Wisdom

This obscure old school death metal band plays a really melodic (without being melodeath) and atmospheric brand of death metal. Comparable to At the Gate's The Red in the Sky is Ours, but heavier, eviler and with vocals that sound like a cross between John Tardy and the AtG vocalist. Essential listening for anyone who likes haunting, atmospheric and sometimes doom-laden death metal.


Belial - Wisdom of Darkness

One of the best bands to come out of the Finnish death metal scene of the early 90s, Belial (featuring members of Impaled Nazarene) played savage, brutal and atmospheric blackened death metal and this album, Wisdom of Darkness (1992) is about the best they had to offer.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Suffocation - Reincremation

The first demo from this amazing band, really Suffocation don't need any introduction.


Cannibal Corpse - Demo 89

Also known as 'A Skull Full of Maggots'

guse, Cannibal Corpse are one of the biggest death metal bands of all time and while they have come a long way, the old stuff is where it's at. Check this out if you like their first few albums, or other death metal from this time.



Impaler - Rise of the Mutants

More Impaler, this time a 7" from 85


Bathory - Demo 84

hai guse, xMosh Kingx here

As we all know, Bathory are one of the earliest and are ultimately one of the best bands ever in the world. If you don't like their later less gr1m stuff, check out this, their first release spanning tracks from 83-84, so gr1m metal archives doesn't believe it exists. For thrashy blacky metal, get this now!



Ripping Corpse - Unreleased 1992 album + 1992 promo

Found this one someone's last.fm about me and thought you guys would enjoy it. The songs except the ones on the promos are untitled and have no vocal tracks, but the guitar, bass, and drums are there for you to enjoy. This would have been a total fucking beast of an album, maybe one of the greatest of all time.



Impaler - Demo 2

Their second demo, 1983


Impaler - Demo 1

Impaler are a pretty cool and funny speed metal band from USA and this is their 1st demo (1983)


Adramelech - Spring of Recovery

Finland had a great death metal scene going on in the early 90s, far better than that of their more renowned neighbours Sweden. Adramelech were a notable band from that scene and here is their 1992 EP Spring of Recovery.


Sathanas - Rehearsal Demo 1992

Sathanas are a US black/death metal band who shared members with Bathym - and sounded a lot like them too - back when this rehearsal was recorded in 1992.


Bathym - Demonic Force

This savage American death/black band put out only one real release... with a couple of rehearsals and a demo before this EP, Demonic Force in 1991. Really hard hitting, raw DM which might remind you a bit of Order From Chaos demos - just with a way better guitar sound. Unfortunately, this is all they really have... other than a few promos/rehearsals that Sathanas released in the late 80s (basically the same band, shared members and very similar sound) that hopefully I can get around to uploading here.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Demigod - Promo 1993

So here they are again with another promo... enjoy...


Demigod - Promo 1992

These legendary Finns released an album in 1993 - Slumber of Sullen Eyes - that should be in every self-respecting metalheads collection. It'll be up here soon enough for those of you who might not have it (FACEPALM)

Here is a promo of their's from 1992 - more Demigod rarities (promos, rehearsals and live bootlegs) to come!


Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids

Venom are killing music. Hellhammer are killing Venom. Who in metaldom needs this ground breaking, pivotal release explained to them?


Thank Kepulix for this upload!

Melektaus - Promo 2002

From the ashes of the legendary Chilean Satanic old school death metallers Dominus Xul arose the mighty Melektaus - a perfect blend of old school evilness and new school brutality. Their sole full-length; Transcendance Through Ethereal Scourge will be uploaded soon and is a (criminally underrated) classic of modern death metal. Fans of Incantation, Dominus Xul, Dead Congregation or Hate Eternal would be stupid to pass up on this amazing band. Here is the promo that preceded their album.


Warning for other bloggers!

Don't ask us to put your links on our page we won't because we are t00 tr00tz for friends!

Sodom - Witching Metal

Everyone knows Sodom who are perhaps the tr00t3zt European metal band of the 1980s... here we have something they are less renowned for and that is their first demo from 1982; Witching Metal. This incoherent piece of lo-fi shit made Venom sound like Frank Sinatra so brace yourselves.... this has to be the most evil shit released in 82 so if you are into primitive black metal then listen to it at once!


FCDN Tormentor - Demo 6-6-86

FCDN Tormentor are kvlt4lly tr00tz from L.A. circa 23 years ago, they played tr00t4l thrash metal far heavier and faster than most other California bands from the time though other names such as Insanity (SF) and Archenemy (LA) were beginning to gain reputations for similarly tr00t4l thrash metal!

Anyway here ya go, their 'Demonic' Demo released on the 6th of the 6th in 1986!



Executioner - Metal Up Your Ass

Everyone knows Obituary is t0t4lly tha tr00tz. So here's their very first recording under their very first name 'Executioner'. You won't even recognise the tr00t4l1ty cos it sounds not much like Obituary! Executioner would later become Xecutioner when they found out that there already existed a band named Executioner - and then Xecutioner became Obituary when they found out that Xecutioner is in fact a FUCKING GAY NAME FOR A BAND.

Yet for some reason they called their latest album 'Xecutioner's Return' as if the word 'Xecutioner' wouldn't be fucking gay 20 years on. OH WELL here is their first demo, 'Metal Up Your Ass!'



An introduction to tr00t4l1ty

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